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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback regarding my post yesterday about the AMA article. I am going to proceed with da vinci on November 9th. I am getting a little morre nervous as the time approaches and your comments were soothing. I am sorry to hear about the gentleman that had a bad experience. Your experience was very unfortunate to say the least and I pray for you to have a better outcome.

My doctor has 35 years of urologic experience, worked a long time at John Hopkins and the University of Michigan hospitals. He is now at St. Josephs in Ann Arbor, MI. He has done over 500 da vinci's. I know other doctors have done more, but he is extremely confident of his proficiency. Perhaps more importantly, he seems so geniunely caring. He gave my wife and I his home telephone number when going over my diagnosis and told us either of us could call him at home anytime if we had any concerns or questions. He also told my wife he would speak to her through an intercom a couple of times to keep her informed as how the surgery was proceeding. I think his experience and bed side manner are what have my wife and I believing it will be okay. Although, my wife who is not a fearful person did break down and cry last night. I helped her through it, but I felt pretty helpless and saddened by her concerns. Still, I have a great wife and I am certain we will both make it through this.

Thanks again for your feedback. The clock is ticking down and I appreciate the comfort of having this sight.



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    500 surgeries is a good
    500 surgeries is a good number! Keep us updated as your surgery grows near.

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    I was told by 3 different surgeons that the daVinci learning curve is very steep to about 100 procedures then starts to level off though learning continues.

    500 reflects very good experience.

    Good luck. It's not near as bad as your mind makes it.