Good news for Mom today

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As you may know my Mom has inoperable uterine cancer. She has recently started on weekly doses of Taxol. The first three week cycle has finished and no ill effects. Her H&H this week is 10.5 & 31.5. She didn't even need Procrit this week! Her platelets are 102,000 which is great for her! The lymph nodes in her neck have decreased to the point the doctor couldn't feel them. They plan on doing the weekly Taxol infusions for three months and then do another CT scan to see how things are progressing. This whole process has been an up and down adventure.. In addition to all that is going on with my mom, I recently had to go for follow up mammogram films on myself. A brief scare, but all turned out well.


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    Glad you Mother is doing so well
    I am glad your Mother is tolerating the Taxol and the lymph nodes are shrinking. I am glad her Hemoglobin and platelets are doing well also. May she continue to have such good results. Glad for you that your mammogram turned out okay, too. Enjoy each day. In peace and caring.