Catheter Lube

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There have been several comments about using various "lubes" on the catheter to help with irritation; KY, "surgical lube", etc. My surgeon gave me a large tube of bacitracine and said to apply it to the tip of my penis several times a day.

This is my first experience with a catheter so missed some of the detail of the comments/direction.

For those with no catheter experience and as thick in the head as me; your penis still ebbs and flows all day and slides back and forth on the catheter usually leaving behind a residue that hardens and becomes rasp like when you penis advances next time. Keeping the tube clean and well lubricated is VERY important! I get mine out tomorrow and am so raw I don't know how I will make it for another 24 hours!

Clean and lube!



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    poor thing
    I have have a cathether in me and it has been in me for over four months now. And I still have a long way to go before it is removed. What a pain in the but this has been for me. Consider your self lucky, your doctor didn't screw up like mine did.