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I think I might be dancing with NED. I only THINK so. I had the biopsy/lumpectomy last Tuesday and after a sleepless weekend waiting (my appointment to see him isn't until this Friday), I called the office. Unfortunately the girl in the front told me he would not be back in that office until Thursday. I told her I didn't want to wait that long for the results, and she said she would be sure to have him call me, as the results were in. Then she said (and I quote) "All I can tell you is not to worry - you don't have to worry - That's all I can say". Am I being optimistic in thinking she means to really not to worry??? I feel sure that's what she meant and will wait for the doctor's call, but right now my heart is jumping and I feel like dancing!!! NED will make the most suitable partner, doncha think????



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    Pat .. keeping my fingers and toes cross along
    with prayers for you.

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    Congratulations!!! I
    Congratulations!!! I definitely would think positive that you will be dancing with NED. When I went to get a bone scan, the tech doing the scan told the same thing and it came back clean.
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    I think you should polish
    I think you should polish your dancing shoes...sounds like you have a date with NED to me!

    I know you will let us know!

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    I agree with Claudia. Get
    I agree with Claudia. Get those dancing shoes ready!! I love good news like that!!!!
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    I'd do as she said and don't
    I'd do as she said and don't worry. Be happy :)
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    Marcia527 said:

    I'd do as she said and don't
    I'd do as she said and don't worry. Be happy :)

    polish them up
    those dancin shoes are calling your name!
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    Don't worry
    The nurse just might know the results and can't legally read them to you. I'd be very positive and get your dancing shoes on.
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    dancing with you and Ned
    Padee, She said not to worry, I am sure she knows, just some kind of silly protocol, we have to wait for the docs to tell us. Whooooheeee I'd celebrate.
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    Ned :-)
    Sounds like NED is sneaking up on you and that is quite exciting! I'd say that nurse was giving you all the hope she was allowed to, a kindness indeed! Looking forward to hearing from you on Friday!


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    Why do they do that?Make you wait when they have the results already?!! If the shoe was on the other foot,would they like that?! I'm sorry-just a pet peeve when I hear about it happening I guess.
    Pat,I am hoping and praying that Ned is going to be your dance partner! You deserve some good news!!