Problems after reversal of ileostomy

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I am having severe diarrhea. Any ideas what I should be doing to prevent this?


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    Hello, and welcome to the board!

    I also had very bad problems after my reversal for many months. Mine were mostly constipation and stricture problems, but i can tell you what finally ended the bad cramps, and gave me healthier bowel movements...probiotics. They started working immediately, and i highly recommend them for anyone with abnormal bowel function (especially those of us with bowel cancer)!

    You can get Kefir just about anywhere, and it's in the dairy section around where the yogurts are. I would drink 8 oz, or more a day of this, and then later get something better. I'm taking a superfood/probiotic mix right now, and it's been keeping away the cramps and major problems. Even when i got the flu last week, my bowel function remained normal.

    I hope this helps!