A big hello from dmc!

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I've been out of the loop for over a month now, since work has really been keeping me busy. I'm not use to working 50+ hours a week (I'm not sure if I should smile, because I can work those kind of hours and be tired like everyone else, or cry because I'm too tired to do anything else except work). Therefore, is it a :) or :(?

I just wanted to say a quick "Hello" to everyone on the boards, welcome the newbies (though sorry for the reason you have joined us), send well wishes to all currently in treatment, send cheers for those dancing with NED, send postive thoughts to those soon to begin treatment, and send many cyber hugs to all of you.

As for us here: I'm feeling great, walking my pup everyday for 2-3 miles (even in the rain and cold), losing weight (not much, but I'll take the 10 lbs I lost (though put 6 back on, which leaves me with a minus 4); my daughter is being a sweetie helping me with laundry and house cleaning, in between her part-time jobs and college classes; and hubby broke his arm after he tripped over his retired guide dog, then fell over a curb in the emergency room parking lot by the handicapped parking. Who would put a curb there anyway? It must have been a decision made in the accounting office. Emmy, my pup, is still doing hospice volunteering and loving it(in fact, I need to leave soon to go visit).

Could someone update me as to why Pammy is in the hospital? Sure would appreciate it.

I'll try to check the boards more often to keep up with all that's happening.

I haven't heard any word about my last MRI, so I will take that as good news.


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    Welcome back
    Welcome back dmc!
    You've been missed.

    Sorry to hear that you are working so many hours and your husband broke his arm.

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    Welcome back
    Welcome back dmc!
    You've been missed.

    Sorry to hear that you are working so many hours and your husband broke his arm.


    DMC Emmy.........
    Great to hear from you, You HAVE been missed, especially by me! I hope you are getting there and OK............I am struggling through it all...........Miss you Hun........Jxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Welcome back! They used to
    Welcome back! They used to say that pups had big feet and would grow into them but I've found that is true of ears! Our dog had huge ears and grew into them.
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    you're back!We've missed you!
    Sounds like Pammy was in the hospital for some abdominal surgery...
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    Greetings, dmc
    Nice to hear from you, glad you checked in.

    With mostly good news, too. Although sorry about hubby's mishap. Sheesh.

    Take good care, as always. Hoping for good news from the MRI...

    Kind regards, Susan
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    Glad to hear from you
    No news is good news as far as the MRI, anyway thats usually the case with me. Sorry about your hubbies mishap. keep in touch, we miss you.
    Hugs, jackie