I did the right thing instead of hiding my bald head with a wig,in front of my Grandson.

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Hi,I had ask advice earlier about weather to try wearing a wig all evening so I would not have to let my 6yr. old grandson know I was bald.I didn,t want to scare him.Most all of you suggested telling him.And you were so right,I chose to wear a hat and knew he would ask why.i usually don,t wear them.When he ask I told him I had to take some medicine to make me better and it had made my hair come out.he looked at me with big blue eye,s and said you mean your bald and I said yes.And he said oh mamaw.And he kissed my head.He ask if his mommy knew and I said yes.I told him it would grow back one day.A little while later he wanted to see my head.I raised my hat up a little for him to see.he said Mamaw you really are bald.Don,t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with wearing a wig.I have one i will wear out sometimes.I am just glad I told him the truth.Now I know how to handle the other grandchildren.The older one,s won,t say much but the three year old will ask question,s.but it is ok.Its a part of the healing prosses.Thanks everyone again.God Bless you all.(Pat).


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    When you first asked the
    When you first asked the question, I was going to weigh in on how my sister in laws children reacted to their grandfather who was wheellchair bound. Of course I realize that being bald while battling the beast isn't exactly the same, but there are similarities in childrens' eye ....the kids were so used to seeing him in the wheelchair that it became a non-issue almost immediately. And, they were about the same age as your grandbabies. It was actually rather refreshing; they loved their grandfather, and that was that! As your babies love you. In a wheelchair ( which you are not) or with a wig or a hat or not. They love you! Isn't that just amazingly cool????

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    HI Pat
    I am so glad you told him the truth and you sound like your were honest and didnt make a big deal of it to him and I think that is a perfect way to manage it. Kids are so accepting and understanding and they do pick up on adults hiding things....so I say good for you girl, that was a big step.

    Stay comfortable and be yourself with your family. Doing what is right for you will be ok with them.

    Hugs to you
    LInda T