Mammogram results

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I had my follow-up mammogram this morning and everything is fine! The spot that had to be reevaluated didn't even show up on today's film. The tech said it could have been a positioning problem. I thank you all for your good thoughts. Now I can continue to focus on my mom's uterine cancer treatment. All of you will be in my prayers as you continue your fight!


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    So glad that your mammogram
    So glad that your mammogram follow up was a GOOD ONE! Bless your heart for taking care of your mom; all positive and good things to her as well!

  • Dawne.Hope
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    That's the BEST news!

    Congratulations! :))))

    "All Clear" never sounded so good, did it?

    Bless you as you stand by your mother in her fight.

    [Big Hug]