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once again you all have made me feel better - I am getting a little bit better with my outlook - my doctor switched my anti spasm medication from valium to something else. What a difference - the valium was making me severely depressed and sad. Haven't taken it in a couple days and am feeling better although still really sore - but I did manage to go to work today for about 4 hours - you should see what I wore - I looked like a bag lady but I don't care. I can't fit into any of my clothes because my armpits are so swollen and the clothes are binding. But my boss is great - he told me to only come in when I feel like it and go home when I feel like it that he would cover my workload. My advice to anyone taking valium and feeling depressed, don't take the valium!

On a separate but very important note - I'm sending best wishes to Pammy for a speedy recovery - Pammy I am sending you all my thoughts, love and you will be in my prayers tonight.



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    Good to hear you are feeling
    Good to hear you are feeling better! Take it easy and don't over do it!