Tongue Cancer

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I have about 2 weeks of 35 treatmenst of radiation left. My biggest concern is taste buds. From what I have read most people do not get their taste buds back. My cannot afford to lose anymore weight. Does anyone know how long in general the taste bubs take to come back. So far I have not lost my voice, my salavary glands seem to still be there just different.


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    maybe you should post this
    maybe you should post this in head and neck cancer as people may be able to help you more specifically there with suggestions to make things easier for you...
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    Tongue Cancer
    Dont know about radiation (mine was stereotactic which is different than what you are going through)... However I lost taste (or I should say everything tasted like carp) when I was on Interferon. It was only days before I got my taste back and things tasted just wonderful it was like tasting all these wonderful foods for the first time all over again. The Interferon was 13 months long... hope this helps!!! Let me know the best food you experience once you get your buds back!