Any grant money available anywhere?

suzanne calderone
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Hello.I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6.75 years ago or so,had 4 surgeries, reconstruction too.Anyway,make a long story short.....I need deposit money to get out into my own small place to recover from an abusive relationship.I have been trying to get out but with lack of funds and living on disability it is not enough for deposits.I have great references and landlords love me.I do not have relatives except an elderly mother who is going into an old folks home.I stay at friends houses for a day or2 or sleep in my van when things get to be too much.I feel sick,nervous all the time.If you know of any agency who can help me with funds or placement let me know.I am a 54 year old female.I am in a desperate [email protected]


  • Marcia527
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    You have to look locally.
    You have to look locally. The city you live in might have a nonprofit agency for abused women. Check your yellow pages or search online.
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    Talk to your oncologist
    even if your are not in treatment and luckily passed 5 years mark, you do feel sick. Call and visit your former treating oncologist office. They should at least connect you with clinical social worker and maybe other resources.
    Good luck
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    Have you looked for a crisis center?
    I have several crisis centers for business clients and they have programs to get you out on your own. Check them out in your area.

    Good luck!