Non-hodgkins Lymphoma

If you are a 5+ yr. survivor of cancer is your immune still weak?


  • alleycat42
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    immune system
    no, it should be back to normal after six months, unless its weak for some other reason
  • DennisR
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    Your PCP or Oncologist
    Your PCP or Oncologist should be able to prescribe nueprogen or some other drug to induce your marrow to produce more cells assuming there is no other cause for the deficiency. Sometimes mild infections, colds, flus etc can wreak havoc with a patient who has undergone strong Chemo or Radiation. I don't know how long it takes for everything to fall into the normal range, I still have anemia from time to time for no apparent reason and it's always a cause for some concern given my history of NHL. The Doctors keep a pretty good eye on my blood counts and so far, I'm still NED.