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I have been on this board for a while, but I just discovered that if you go to the CSN home page and go to the right hand column titled "CSN Members, then scroll down, you will see under "Browse" these two links, "About Me" and "Expressions Gallery." If you are curious about new submissions in these categories, just click. I found a beautiful picture of RE. But disturbingly, I found quite a few new BC "About Me"s women who I haven't seen here on the Discussion Board and I wonder if they are women who chose not to participate or who unknowingly don't know to navigate the site. I know it took me a while. Greta?

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    Perhaps they just want to
    Perhaps they just want to browse through the discussions and not participate. I know we see "new" people come on occasionally and make the comment they had been reading the discussions for some time and just never participated. Just a thought.
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    It took me over a year after
    It took me over a year after I signed in to post on the message board. It wasn't till they changed the format with pictures that I started joining in. I'm not very outgoing. Have to push myself. The old layout was confusing and I didn't see how I could contribute. It's also hard for some people to talk about what they've gone through.