Charity Clothes Donation.

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I just had an email from a charity initing me to donate my old clothes to starving people in third world countries.

I told them to F*_K Off...

Anyone who my clothes fit, sure ain't starving!


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    Oh, Tasha. You're
    Oh, Tasha. You're b-a-a-a-a-a-ck! xoxoxoxo Lynn

    ps. I was in Peace Corps. For anyone who may be interested: It is offensive to some people in third world countries to be sent cast-off to buy new clothes is way better. This is coming from a thrift store maven. In fact, personally, I far prefer thrift store recyclables (see my 7 stones blog). Just saying. xoxoxoxo Lynn
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    You are too funny.

    You are too funny.
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    MyTurnNow said:

    You are too funny.

    You are too funny.

    Hi Tasha! Nice to see you
    Hi Tasha! Nice to see you posting! And, you are so funny!

    Sue :)
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    Lol Tasha

    Lol Tasha