after chemo ..Is it common? any help?

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I had chemo carboplatin& taxol on 9/21/09. that was my first chemo. I am staged at 1c for treatment purposes. bad tumor, bad ovaries, uterus, cervix and some other tissues are removed 6 weeks back by total histerectomy.

I had mentally prepared myself for fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hairloss, muscle and joint discomfort & may be mouth sores and such other things. Even some episode of acid reflux as that happens to me some times.

Next day after chemo I woke up with sore throat or so I thought. by afternoon I had 101 F fever. By evening I had problem with urination and got worse and even worst, could not sleep
for even a five minutes whole night. next day prescription for anti- biotics was given to me and Urine sample was given for testing. Me and My doctor both thought I had a bad UTI.
Fever was gone. However tests revealed there was no infection of any kind. about five days back a painkiller pyridium prescribed that helped very little.

No vomiting at all. thanks to zolfran. after I started on anti-biotics very slight nausea I experienced. But I started getting sever heart burns very uneasy feeling. some chest pain fromm the reflux but I was much worse than my worse acid reflux. again I could not lye down at all I had to be in sitting position day in and out. 3 rd day after chemo and I was on fire my system was burning could not gulp anything. though tried to drink some water.
# rd day night I spent in emergency not for my acid and burning but to make sure the crushing chest pain was not from my heart and lungs! nothing was offerred to soothe my burnings.

Some home remedies and my usual acid reducers seemed were the only help I had.

My tummy was gradually healing from surgery before chemo. a lot of pains had dissappeared though it was still tender.but after chemolot of pain came back by 3 day and it felt half of the healing has reversed.
I had shooting pains come and go all over my tummy that became much more tender again.

However gradually everything subsided. pains in tummy in 3 days, burning after 3-4 days. and urination pain is still
with me after 2 weeks but much less today.

In hind sight Now I am made to understan chemo triggers gastrits and withacid it may got worst. even sore throat was the result of chemo. inflamation of urethra and bladder is also because of chemo.

Has these things happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to deal with these things?

Any thing that could be done before chemo to preven such things?

I am going for another chemo on october 12. Any input will be appreciated.

Fight must go on. All this has not dampened my spirit. Just trying re-arm myself
for next srike again.



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    Everyone is a bit different
    Hi Aboli, Sorry to read all the things you went through. Some things are similar and some different. I have been on several chemos and some I run high fevers but as long as I alternate between tylenol and advil I keep them under control. I too get acid reflux after chemo and have to take two prilosec a day, one in the morning and one at night and on carboplatin I got a stronger prescription one as it caused esophogus spasms and it sounds like what you are experiencing. Sometimes we need to go to our regular docs to have the other things looked at. Sending lots of prayers ♥ Hugs your way Bonnie
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    HI, ABOLI!
    All to be expected. Zofran really helped me, but extremely expensive. I think they have a generic now. The premeds (the night before chemo) and premeds during chemo (Anzimet, Benadryl, etc.) helped a great deal with all the side affects. And I was told to take the Zofran immediately following chemo. It does not help with the onset of nausea, but is more of a preventative. Maybe that will help your acid reflux.

    Try to eat more bland foods. Stay away from spicy stuff, if it brings on symptoms. Be sure to drink lots of fluids (avoid caffiene, as it can also cause acid reflux), especially right after the infusion. It helps to flush it through your system, which will help the kidneys and bladder process all the chemo as well.

    Hope this helps. Being 1C has a great deal of hope and a very, very good prognosis. Keep a journal - what you ate, drank, reactions, etc. It will help you the next time so you can be prepared. We can recommend something for mouth sores, etc., but I don't want to ramble too much. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hugs & Prayers!
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    You did not mention how much water you pushed down. That really helps dilute the chemo and flush it out of the gastric system. I drink 8 oz every hour at least. Carbo and Taxol do not hit me for 48 to 72 hours after the infusion and I had 8 infusions of the combination and 11 of Taxol alone. I am now on carbo alone. I am thinking that it has caused my diverticulitis but don't know yet. I did not have it before chemo as I had a colonoscopy that was clear.

    They might lower the dose on you. Will have to discuss with the oncologist. Saundra