Mammogram update

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I got a look at the mammogram report from Septh. 24th. Apparently I have dense breast tissue. They found a 4 mm asymmetry in the middle third of the medial right breast, ssen on only 1 view. On Friday I am scheduled for a special view mammogram of the right breast. Ultrasound if needed. So a few more days to wait. My only concern at this time is my Mom. She was diagnosed with inoperable uterine cancer in February. I have to be well for her, since I am her only means of getting her to her chemo and doctor's appointments. Her cancer has now spread to her lymph nodes and the original tumor has increased in size. She is on weekly chemo of Taxol (once a week for three weeks with one week off). In addition, I'm a nurse. Sometimes a little knowledge is not good! Thank you all for listening and all your support.


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    So Sorry
    I know what's it like to worry about mom.

    My mom is a 9 year stage IV bc survivor and took a turn for the worse this summer ... right around the time I discovered a lump and my bc journey began.

    You don't know about your situation yet, and my best advice is to take it one day at a time. You don't know what tomorrow is going to bring, you only have today. Your situation may turn out to be nothing, you just don't know at this point. I'm praying for good news!

    I want you to know that while I didn't ask for my mom to get sick and I didn't ask for breast cancer within weeks of her getting bad, I've been able to handle it and one reason why is because of the awesome support and encouragement I've found on this website.

    I keep telling myself, "One day at a time, one day at a time." That's all we can handle. The waiting is the worst part!!

    Hang in there!
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    I want to wish you good luck
    I want to wish you good luck on Friday. Let us know when you find out anything.

    And, I will certainly pray for your Mother. I am so sorry.

    Sue :)
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    Welcome beagle,
    Heres hoping that it's nothing! I am sorry about your mom and Dawne's-I can't imagine. My mother gave me a scare about a year ago-they had found a mass in her uterus after she had been bleeding for a while-fortunately in her case it was benign.
    That has got to be hard to take care of her while you are also trying to take care of yourself!
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    Good luck on Friday
    Good luck on Friday ssfbeagle! Please post and keep us updated on you. And, I am very sorry about your Mother. This is a such a hard time for you to take care of her and yourself too. My prayers are with you.

    ♥ Noel