black thin line on fingernails after folox?

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We are enjoying the days between treatments but something new has popped up---has
anyone ever noticed black thin lines on fingernails after FOLOX / Avastin treatments?
Husband just completed treatment #2.

Craig..will be thinking of you during your surgery. Good luck! You have been such
an inspiration.


  • DennisR
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    Yes, I had a black thin line
    Yes, I had a black thin line and a noticable ridge on all my nails beginning at the time I completed the last major Chemo before my transplant. The last one on my thumb just finished growing out and now my nails are all a healthy looking pink with nice moon shaped cuticles.
  • Patteee
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    Mine actually was a
    Mine actually was a horizonal break (was actually a break or crack all the way through) from side to side on all of my toe nails and fingernails. The foot doctor said he could tell by the break when I actually started chemo. I also had a few fingernails and toe nails that turned black, he said it was a fungus that is common in chemo.
  • robinvan
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    Ugly Black Lines
    Yes, I had the black lines too. Vertically oriented.