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I am looking for help for my husbands grandma who is origionally from Mexico. She was just diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer one week ago. She has no insurance and we need to get her treatment soon. The oncologist who is donating his time to her says without medicine she will only live about 6 months. We are unable to get her any insurance since she has no social security number and is only here with her visa and in Mexico they will leave her to die. PLEASE if anyone knows where we can get help for her chemotherapy help me out. Thank you for reading this.


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    Oh No....
    ...That poor woman, I know how hard it would be to get insurance, especially it being pre-existing, but I sure don't think hospitals are allowed to turn anyone away either, though I have no idea what the laws are about people who don't live in this country, surely Mexico has some good hospitals?? I'm sorry I have no idea how to answer this, but hope you get some answers soon, because I'd like to know what they'd do for this situations myself. You and your grandma will be in my prayers!

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    You can try a state,or county hospital.They will usually treat people that cannot afford a regular hospital,and usually charge by what you can afford.Talk to social security about some type of aid,Iv'e been told that they will approve stage 4 cancer on the spot,but maybe she would have to have a social security number.It's worth a try.Good luck!!!!!
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    Hospital System in Mexico
    Hi there - you might want to check out - it's a hospital in Mexico. Hope things work out.
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    Sorry to hear about your husband's grandma,I know that here in Miami there is an organization called LIGA CONTRA EL CANCER, that they will give cancer treatment for free,all the doctors are volunteers and they do a yearly telethon to have funds to provide treatment for people with no insurance,is a great and compasionate organization,you might want to contact them,if you need me to find out more for you, let me know,you can e-mail me.