My Mother has Clear Cell OVCA...Does anyone else have this? Does this mean she's doomed? I am depres

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I spoke with my mother's oncologist this week, and she expressed concern that they found "clear cells" when they analyzed her ascites. Apparently this type of OVCA is highly treatment resistant. So of course, I have been totally depressed, sad, and eating only junk food. I have surgery Monday but seem to be mostly very sad that I will be losing my mother soon. How does one get hope back? I kind of feel like I did when I first learned that she had this disease. if any of you have/had clear cell can you let me know how you're doing. It really would be helpful. thanks, Lisa


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    Sorry about your mom
    I do not have any expertise in ovarian cancer, in my own opinion i think everyone responds different, For example someone can have a later stage of cancer and respond good to treatment while someone in early stage can respond poor, My sister has just finished treatment for lung cancer and now she has ovarian cancer. She is only 41 and i am devestated. I know what you mean about the depression part. When i tell her lets have hope she gets mad at me and yells that i should face reality. I still have HOPE and think miracles can still happen, Its hard seeing what she is going through, But to see her give up is even harder. I cant imagine what she is even going through so if she gets upset i dont take it to heart. I hope your mom responds to treatment and beats the odds, Try to stay positive. (((((((hugs)))))))
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    "We put our hope in the Lord; He is our protector and our help." Psalm 33:20 This pretty much sums it up for me. I pray your surgery goes well and you have a rapid recovery. You are strong and you can work your way through the coming days taking it one day at a time. ((Hugs)) Saundra
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    Clear cell
    Hi Lisa, I don't know much about the clear cell, but wanted to jump on and give my support. There is always hope!! Just take it a day at a time. I hope your surgery goes well Monday1
    Warm hugs, kathleen :)