2 down, 4 to go!!

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Just got home from chemo....doc says my blood count is perfect, and my tumor has shrank! He said very reassuring and good sign that I will respond well to meds. I am so excited and happy right now. This round went very smooth, no reactions and I still feel pretty good. Just a little tired...WOOOHOOO!!


  • lanie940
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    Sam, that is wonderful. Keep
    Sam, that is wonderful. Keep the Faith,Girl!
  • Marcia527
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    WoooHooo too! Another reason
    WoooHooo too! Another reason for us to eat out tonight and celebrate for you!
  • mickeymom
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    Good News!
    You gotta love it when you get some good news! Glad chemo went well. Hang in there! Sounds like you're doing the right thing!
  • meena1
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    Congratulations, very good
    Congratulations, very good news! You look great with your new 'do.
  • Akiss4me
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    Yeah! (clapping hands)
    Hope they are all this smooth!! Pammy
  • Christmas Girl
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    Halfway done with chemo...
    And with really good news, too. Hope your last two go just as smoothly.
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    Hey Sam
    Hang in there girl, you will get thru this!!!

    Linda T
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    That's great news Sam.
    That's great news Sam. You're halfway through!! When are you posting your new picture?
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    Glad to hear the good news!! Hugs, Diane
  • outdoorgirl
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    Sam-good for you! And may I say,your head looks very nice!
  • VickiSam
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    Sam-good for you! And may I say,your head looks very nice!

    Sam, I am so happy for you .. 2nd TCH treatment this past
    Tuesday, and I feel like .. poop. Keep strong, and you are pulling me with your spirit and hope.

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    Wonderful news. Am glad you are responding well to the meds and are on your way to the road to recovery!