Stomach Removal

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My father in law just found out he has gastric cancer and will have his entire stomach removed in just 2 weeks. He is 70 years old. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect after surgery? My husband and I don't live close enough to help my in-laws after surgery. We are very scared.


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    stomached just removed with success
    hello my name is kathy my father just had his entire stomach removed on sept 16th he is 77and it was stage one we were very very lucky to have caught it so early i was really scared because of his age but over all he was in good health he is now home and on a feeding tube that i have to run for 13 hrs a day he is doing very well he will not need no chemo or radiation all 13 lympth nodes they removed came out negative what stage is the cancer in my father did not have all that much pain but was in the hospitol for 16 days he has lost 20 pounds in that short amount of time but that is to be expected with this kind of surgery i hope all goes well with your father my email adress is kmagallanez at if you have any more questions i will do my best to answer them if i can god bless