Bilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction

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I am having Bilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on Oct. 5. Hey, it's be an year to remember. Kidney problems early this year, had a number of stones, one blocking the bladder, so had lithotripsy to get rid of left ones. Still have one in the right and creatnine levels are still quite high, was going to follow up with cat scan and then a Nephrologist at a big hospital. Have degenerative disc disease which started being very painful around last Nov, but was taking Aleve which helped take the edge off, cannot take anything like that anymore because of the kidney, so have been to pain clinic for treatments to the back, just had steroid shots today in anticipation of the surgery on Monday.

Back to the cancer; had a biopsy last Nov in left breast, was negative, followed up in Aug. and there were two tumors, lobular. Doctor thought he felt something also in right breast and was diagnosed just two weeks later with ductal, will get the full report tomorrow and that breast was mammogramed in Jan. with results saying everything was normal. Go Figure. Also lost my job the week before I was diagnosed.

Oh, I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just thought I'd tell you what a toilet of a year this has been healthwise, Other than that, it's been quite a nice year. Oh, I'm 63-1/2, a young one here!

And I'm going to be a great grandmother on the same day as my surgery. What a blessing that started out not so good.

I am wondering if anyone about my age has had a bilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and what the recovery was like.



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    Wow you have really gone
    Wow you have really gone through alot! I am not in the same situation as you but I am sure that you will get alot of responses here. Best of luck to you and congratulations on the pending birth of your great grandchild. Do you know if its a boy or girl?
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    Wow Danna
    Is there anything you havent been thru???? Look at it this way...things can only improve.

    I am 52 and had bilateral mastectomy with expanders but had trouble with surgical complications and had to have 1 of the expanders removed. Everyone is different though so your surgery may go better than mine did so hang in there.

    Hugs to you and congrats on the new baby coming

    Linda T