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If anyone is looking to make a first connection with a someone who was diagnosed and treated for Mantle Cell Lymphoma, feel free to contact me. 917-686-3684.


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    loss of my father

    I dont know if you are a survivor or a caregiver, so I am not sure how to talk to you.

    My father suffered from NK Lymphoma mantle cell, and he had successfully put it in remission for 3 years, until it came back 7 weeks ago. He passed away after 4 weeks.

    His initial treatment of Retuxin and chop, was very successful.

    His 2nd line treatment after remission of Velcade had no effect, with some very unpleasant side effects,. A last ditch attempt of treanda was tried, but due to diabetis and other problems of his not eating and feeling ill, was never able to reverse the effects on him, as he passed the next day.

    It was very difficult and it felt extremely unfair to me.

    I loved my father very much and it has been hard to deal with his loss.

    I cherish the good times we had together, and wished we could have had more.

    Please enjoy as many good times with your family and friends. Talk to them about everything you can think of. Reassure them that you forgive them, and want their forgiveness for anything that may have happened between you.