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New question. I just had my first chemo session. Wooo not good, out of commission for 5 days, anyways.. I have been on ortho evra birth control patch forever and my chemo doctor said to still continue to use the patch. But I got my prescription this Sunday and had nothing better to do I read the leaflet that came with my patch and it said to not use if you have or had breast or ovarian cancer. What gives??? Anyone else having the same situation that could help me out on what to do. My husband had a vasectomy so no worries there plus there are other ways not going to go into to avoid the pregnancy scare the doctors are saying for 8 months. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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    If the cancer you had was
    If the cancer you had was hormone negative, then you can take hormonal products. That is my understanding. My chemo doc prescribed Vagifem, which is an estrogen cream, for me as the cancer I had was also TN.

    If your hubby had a vasectomy, and there's no other reason for using the patch, I'd just not use it.
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    You want no estrogen in your
    You want no estrogen in your body. And, why use the patch if your husband had a vasectomy?

    Estrogen is linked to heart disease and breast cancer.

    Hugs, Diane ♥