Useful website about alternative cancer therapy

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I know some here have been curious about alternative and complimentary therapies, or just maintenance care. Sloan Kettering is a respected cancer center, so I find their information to be reliable. You can punch in any herb or treatment here and it will give you a run-down on what that agent does, how, and any warnings, or drug/chemo interactions. It also has a bibliography after each herb/therapy so you can read more information, including results of clinical trials. If you just want to browse, click on any of the letters and you can get an alphabetical listing of different herbs and therapies. I find it extremely useful.



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    Very good information
    I like this site too. Thank you for bringing this information to everyone.
    Sloan Kettering has information an every topic and conventional treatment related to cancer as well.
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    Thanks Mimi...
    This is excellent info! Pammy
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    Thanks, Mimi. Very
    Thanks, Mimi. Very helpful....Lynn