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Well, mother-in-law has not been eating or drinking for 3 days now. Her internal wiring is going haywire. Twitching, sweats and chills, the labored breathing.
Just received a visit from a long time family friend. It feels so good to have a visitor. It was hard for him because he also has cancer and been struggling with treatments for years.
We talked about her a while but then talked about silly things, too.
He is so kind - he asked about the funeral arrangements and he said that if we need some more (which we do) for me to just call him and he will send it along.
I wish more people would make a visit. It really helps to ground me to life and a bit of normalcy.


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    I agree that visitors and friends are really helpful and supportive. My husband is still able to get out some, but he enjoys short visits from friends. I know that it's hard for some to see his deteriorating health. This weekend we had a visit from one of his best friends and wife. The wife is in a wheelchair and been dealing with chronic illness for a very long time. They understand the value of a visit. The friend also made a point of encouraging me to take care of myself, too. Fay