cancer has taken over

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Feel like Im losing the battle, emotionally for Jack, I have fallen in to a depression, and Im stuck, I get up in the morning get Jacks, meds, flush his pik line and feed him and then start cleaning, and continue making sure he gets enough nutientment through the day, watch tv, and sleep then I wake up make dinner for his dad, watch TV and sleep again, that is my life, I miss Jack, we cant go out to much because the flu is so bad out here in Texas we are afraid he will get sick, I try to work on some crafts but it does not keep my interest, I take valium now just to escape from all of this, Jack sleeps alot so I figure I might as well too, I feel alone, all he wants to do is play his playstation, I feel like I live alone, He will go outside for awhile mess with the plants, which is good, but we seem to have lost our communiation, I don;t know if he is going through something or he is just tired, He tells me he wants to live and keep fighting, Im confused, Cancer has taken over and I don't know what to do or how to get out of this depression,