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My surgery is rapidly approaching (7 Oct) and I am trying to get things set up in advance.

There have been lots of comments about "pads" for the incontinence. I looked at WalMart and they have a variety of pads (brands and sizes) which don't indicate whether they are for male or female. Several people have made mention of male pads; where do you get them? Are the WalMart pads the right thing? Which ones?



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    are what I used. Walmart & most drug stores carry them. I used full size for about 2 weeks then the pads for another 2 weeks before I regained bladder control. Good luck.
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    Options need to relax and need to relax and take it one step at the may no need any pads at all
    or maybe need panty liners.
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    saoco said: need to relax and need to relax and take it one step at the may no need any pads at all
    or maybe need panty liners.

    Depends Guards for Men
    Hi ,this is the brand my wife bought before surgery. So far i have used 1 for the trip home,it was dry when i got home. I am going to wear 1 the first couple of days at work as I have a lifting and standing for 10 hrs. job. By the way mowed for 2 hours yesterday and no drips or nada Hoping this keeps up when I return to work. Hope this helps.....Nick
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    I bought my pads at Walmart

    A few weeks ago, before my surgery I was where you are. Looking up and down the isle at Walmart.

    I chose the Assurance Brand by Tyco Healthcare. They have a special contoured shape and cup design made for men. I chose the extra absorbency ones. The fact that they were about half the price of some of the others was a plus. I was never one to feel good about flushing money down the toilet. This is figurative of course, don't flush the things unless you know a good and cheap plumber.

    I am a baseball umpire and to me they fit very much like the banana shaped protective cup that I wear during games. They are extremely comfortable and form fitting. Bought the bag of 52, which is a unique number, given the fact that I don't think they were meant for one a week to last me for a year.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck on your surgery.