Day 14 of RADs

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I am new here...just registered. My question is the HUGE change between day 13 and 14 of RAD treatments. Yesterday was dark pink. Today is tiny blisters everywhere and open sore. Such a shock. My name is Barb


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    Hi Barb. Has your rads
    Hi Barb. Has your rads oncologist seen this? I would hope that he would have and would help you with creams or by giving you a break or something. I got thru 25 reg rads and 12 boosters with just being pink, never burnt. And, no blistering at all. You had better let him know if he didn't see you today. You need some help. Good luck!

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    Welcome, Barb!
    Just wanted to welcome you to an amazing site. I don't have experience, yet, with rads, I'm still going through chemo at this stage. I'm sure others will be along soon with their experiences. Good luck!
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    Hi Barb...
    Welcome. I just finished up with rads a couple weeks ago. What you are describing is something your Radiation Oncologist or Nurse needs to look at. There are treatments that they can recommend. I was told only to bathe with dove soap and to "pat" dry thoroughly. I was only able to use the 100% Aloe during my treatment, as all other creams made me itch. I was not allowed to wear a bra. What you see on the outside is the reaction from the internal radiation as it comes to the surface. There was a number of times I thought I would blister because of the coloring, but never did. Your Rads Doc should be able to treat you, just be sure to have it checked very next visit. Pammy
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    Hi Barb..welcome to the
    Hi Barb..welcome to the boards, though I'm sorry for the reason your here, you have come to a wonderful site for information, support and friendship... I am on day 14 of rads too... Monday will be day 15... Though I have been red from like day 5 or 6, Friday I started blistering on my nipple and the entire left side of the areola.. it hurts really bad... I'm just hoping they don't open... They have suggested I wear a sports bra and have given me a pad to place over the breast to keep it from rubbing... I use the Aloe twice a day and use the Aquaphor on the worst areas... it helps some... I will be asking for something on Monday when I see the Rads Onco... to hopefully numb the area...

    Good luck... post often.. supporting eachother is what we are all here for..

    Gentle hugs,

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    Welcome Barb! I love your
    Welcome Barb! I love your picture! You are very pretty! Please call your rads oncologist as soon as you can and tell them about this. There are so many creams etc. out there to help you. And, make sure that they check your skin at the very least, once a week. Let me know how you do.

    Sue :)
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    Barb, your rads oncologist
    Barb, your rads oncologist will be able to give you a prescription for something to help you. There are all kinds of creams to use. Be sure and speak up and let them know that you need something. And, insist on them looking at your skin every week. I hope your skin gets better.

    ♥ Noel