Hepatic Pump Question....

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Has anyone had a good experience with the Hepatic pump? Where did you happen to receive your treatment? Would you say that the pump is effective?

Thanks for your feedback!


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    Yes Jon...
    I know of 3-4 people who have had the pump and I know of no one who had a bad experience with them. I got mine put it about 5 years ago. The was 6 months after I found out I was Stage IV CC. After the FOLFOX/ Avastin they operated on me and removed a small portion of my colon (no colostomy), my gallbladder, some lymph nodes, and about 60-70% of my liver. during that time they inserted the HAI pump. Check this out
    I have part of my CT scan posted so you cam see where the pump is located. I had it installed at Sloan Kettering in NYC by great team headed by Dr. Nancy Kemeny who was one of the creators in this type of therapy. I found the pump to be totally effective. I only used it for 6 months or so. The pump kept a flow of chemo right to the affected area and I have had no recurrence at all in or around my liver (just my lungs!) I still have the pump in even though it has not been used for 4 1/2 years. It has to be refilled with an inert lubricant to keep it primed in the event I ever need it again. Once the pump is surgically removed it can not be put back in, that's why I've decided it's not a hurry to get it out of me. I'm used to it anyway. It does take a little getting used to but it becomes no big deal.
    I give it 5 thumbs up

    Are you thinking of having one done and if so, where?