Ileostomy Reversal Surgery Ostomy Bag Rectal Cancer

survivorswife Member Posts: 3
From my husband's surgeries and recovery from the Ileostomy and reversal procedures, led us to make a website during his recovery. It is at It is to help those who are facing the same thing or close to the same thing. We had so much trouble finding info that we needed answers for, that we made this generic website to inform others. All surgeries are different experiences, but maybe from our info, you'll know more of what to expect from eating, to going to the bathroom, to the complications that may arise, to loss of weight while in the hospital, to eating, and lots more. He is still recovering at this time but is doing real well. Its tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our website will be worth it if we can inform and help at least one person. AGain, it is at WWW.FREEWEBS.COM/ILEOSTOMYREVERSALSURGERY .... feel free to pass it on to whoever needs the information. Add it to your own website if you wish. Thanks for taking a look in hopes of it helping you as well.