Cholnagiocarcinoma & Appendial Adenocarcanoma at the same time.

CanadianSister Member Posts: 10
My 52 year old sister has been diagnosed with:
1) Unresectable primary Cholangiocarcinoma in the left lobe of her liver extending to the Pancreas.
2) Carcinomatosis consistent with Adenocarcinoma with Peritoneal spread.
3) Evidence of Lung Mets.

The doctors continually tell us how rare a case she is, and frankly it seems that no-one knows how to treat her. To date no treatments have taken place, they were evaluating her for Debulking when they found her liver problems. Her first CA19-9 test came in with a level of 11,100 its now up to 12,160.

We've been sent away from the surgeons office with her file, sent back to the medical Oncologist who we were told would begin Chemo posthaste, but when they called her they want another CT scan first.

She doesnt' want to give up without a fight. They can't figure out why she feels as well as she does either, no pain no real symptoms.

The surgeon was somewhat confused by the two totally independent cancers growing at the same time in her.

I'm looking for suggestions.