Having Mung Bean Puree Can Help Relieve Some Pains During Radiation Treatment

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I was diagnosed to have nasopharyngeal cancer in 2004, and went through radiation and chemo treatments. I have been in remission since then and suffered relatively minor side effects. I would be glad to share my own experience with anyone who may find it useful. One of the lessons I learned was eating mung bean puree can help relieve some pains during radiation treatment. During the course of treatment, I received a total dose of 7R of high-energy x-ray. That was a lot of energy that would cause heating in the irradiated area. According to an old Chinese medicine book, mung bean has the characteristics of helping release body heat. So I had half a cup of mung bean puree every day and continued to have mung bean puree till one month after the treatment. I still had sores in the mouth and loss of taste, but it recovered quickly. I would offer that adding mung bean puree in the meal plan for those who taking radiation treatment. Better yet, mix it into milk to make a milk shake that will go down easily.