Ran my first Mud Bog this afternoon!

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YUP - I ran in my first Mud Bog this afternoon and came in 3rd ($30)!

A while ago I gave Son my IH Scout. It had been my daily drive for 4 1/2 years before I got something different to drive (it's real cold here in the winter and it has a LOT of 'pneumonia holes') and it had just sat for 4 1/2 - 5 years til Son got it running this week because he wanted to do the local Mud Bog. So after Hubby and I got to the track this afternoon, Son wanted to know if I wanted to run in the Powder Puff - sure. I've never done a Mud Bog but I did grow up in SW FL (swamps) and spent 12 yrs on Whidbey Island, WA (mud) so have a little experience with mud. Scout wasn't running all that great (needed new points - BAD!) but I succeeded in getting it further around the course than Son did on both my runs before getting stuck. Not sure how many were in the class but there were at least 10. I had a BALL and there will be another race meet in 2 weeks so Son will have it running better then and I definately intend on running again.


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    Woooo whooooo!! Congrats.
    Woooo whooooo!! Congrats. Never been to one of those. Does the mud splash up and give you a mud facial? You could call it your beauty treatment! We all need more fun moments.
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    How cool is that?! Congrats! Glad you got out & had some wild & crazy fun! Hopefully you'll come in 1st next run!
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    Way to go!
    I have to admit, it sounds like a blast!! Many years ago I rode motocross. That was a blast too! There was a motocross park outside of Tampa called Crooms and we used to go several times a month. I didn't have any fingernails other than real short ones (they were always breaking)and also had several bruises on my legs, but other than that, it was fun!! I'm a little old for that right now but I would enjoy the mud bogging. Good luck when you race again!!
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    Way to go! It sounds as if
    Way to go! It sounds as if you had lots of fun! Isn't it nice to just do something random and out of the ordinary???