day 2 post chemo

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Hello everyone.

This is my second day post chemo and things are going well except for a mild amount of nausea, which the medications are taking care of. I had the Neulasta shot on yesterday and have felt no major bone pain as of yet. The nurse told me that I may not feel any side effects until the third day. I have faith of a mustard seed that I will not have any more side effects than I am having now. God is good all the time.

God bless you all.


  • outdoorgirl
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    Yes,God is good
    all of the time and will help you through this as He helped me!
    I'm glad that chemo is going so well for you so far!And hopefully you don't have any other se's...
  • Cat64
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    Glad you are doing so well! How many more left? I have not heard that in sooo long!(mustard seed)That's great!
    Prayers & Hugz,
  • mlmjt1
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    So glad everything is going well for you. I never had any bone pain on neulasta shots until I started taxol and for some reason allegra really helped with that.

    Keep pushing fluids and eat small and often.

    Remember youre 1 treatment closer to being finished!!!