My boyfreind just had his feeding tube removed, heres the problem, he has very little to no saliva a

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Are there any suggestions as what I can do to help him eat. He is picky about what he eats. Hes been eating bananas, jello, pudding and milkshakes mostly. He says he cant eat meat because there is no saliva to dissolve it so he cant swallow the meat. Even if I blend it in a blender. What foods do you suggest. Please help, thanks


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    more info

    Can you give us a little more info, my husband had his feeding tube removed about 1 month after surgery and has not had any problems, did your boyfriend have the esophogeal surgery? How old of a man is he? My husband is approx 2 months post op from surgery other than a little discomfort he is doing great and eats anything. If you can give a little more info we all might be able to help you on this site.

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