A warm welcome to newcomers and hello..

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to old friends.

Sorry I've been away for awhile. Mostly it has been the pressures of work and simply coming home mentally exhausted.

Some have asked about my MRI report, I cannot get it yet (I don't know why, but I have to wait 2 weeks) the receptionist told me it's normal. Fine with me. I guess the growths they have found are nothing to write home about and they're not worried, well, I probably shouldn't worry either.

The drs still don't know why I have those shooting pains in my chest, feels like a heart attack. Well, I guess since I'm still here, it appears as though they're not :). I don't know, they don't know, they're not worried, I'm not worried...I just need to grit my teeth and hope the attack doesn't come while traveling down the freeway, eh?

To all of those just joining this board...I'm glad you found it, you'll find some truly amazing women (and guys) here. It's a place to vent, to cry, to listen, to share and, believe it or not, a place to laugh (or just chuckle a little).

As for me, now that summer has come to an end-I don't post much. Work has begun and I've been working 9-11 hours a day (mostly the latter) without even a lunch break, then commuting the 70 miles round trip. It makes for a long day, but I should be happy to be employed, right? Tell that to Emmy who has been with me nearly 24-7 for the past 2 and a 1/2 months.

I doubt if I'll be on much, but know that I am thinking of all of you...honestly, a day rarely passes by without me thinking of my friends here and, sadly, all of the new posters who have come here in my absence. I pray that those recently dx, those beginning treatment, or in the middle of it, know that there is always hope...ask those who are now dancing NED...that's why we come here, to find a piece of that hope.

A good read: Between and the River by Carrie Host. It's a book about hope and survival. I highly recommend it.

Thank you to all of you who sent me msgs. It's good to know that angels are watching over me. I'll be keeping an eye on all of you, too, if even from afar...you can call me an angel behind the scenes, if you wish :). I'll post more when I can reduce my work to something a bit more reasonable.

Take care...I'll be thinking of you,


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    So glad to hear from you! Happier to know the absence is due to work and not anything else. We forgive work related abscences!! Told my boss I will hopefully be back in November (geesh, that will be 6 months off!) if he could tolerate me coming back during theropy. He said absolutely anything I need!! Teehee.....this is my theropy. Sneaky, huh? Pammy
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    Greetings, dmc!
    Good to hear from you! Though your work hours sound overwhelming to me... :-)

    Part of the beauty of this board is that it's always here, 24/7, each and every day. We all keep each other close in our thoughts and in our hearts, whether our sisters are posting - or not. Yes, even from afar.

    You take care of yourself. And sweet Emmy.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    It's so good to hear from you, I'm glad to hear you're doing well, it's been about the same for me since I still have kids in the house, schools back in session and so is the daily routine, it's doesn't allow for much else usualy.

    I try not to be to much of a stranger and I hope you won't either, I've always loved you're prospective and wonderful advice. It would be nice of you to share it with new comers now and then :)

    Please keep us posted on how your MRI results turn out I'm would be so interested to know what it turns out to be. We're talking about the inlarged area by your rib, right? Spline or no spline? Crazy!

    Alright behind the scene angel, be good to your self and don't work to hard okay!

    God Bless you,
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    Glad to hear from you, DMC.
    Glad to hear from you, DMC. I know how it is once work begins. Yikes! You take care. We love you. xoxoxoxo Lynn
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    lynn1950 said:

    Glad to hear from you, DMC.
    Glad to hear from you, DMC. I know how it is once work begins. Yikes! You take care. We love you. xoxoxoxo Lynn

    Sure was great to hear from all of you!
    After my hospice gig this AM (Emmy and I--more Emmy than me--are hospice volunteers) I came home, checked emails, picked up the snail mail, and then decided to take a couple hour nap. Well, that name turned out to the rest of the day! Wow! At 6PM, I woke to a pup that demanded my attention, so we went out for a 2-mile walk, met my old priest on his way to supper (now just friend, not priest), walked a bit more then headed home. After my long nap, it appears that I am finally rested enough to say, "Hi" to some of the gals here and, the many :(, that I have not yet met.

    Hello, again, my friends.
    I'm going to try and do some updates of pix my 4-legged best friend. If it works, check them out :).