Avastin / Folox question

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From your experience, do the treatments gradually get worse from the
build up of chemo or typically stay about the same. My hubby goes for
#2 on Tuesday and is doing great after first treatment.

Thanks you all so much, you have great advice and it makes our journey
a little easier. Always look forward to reading the posts to check
on everyone;)


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    Cumulative side effects
    I can't speak to the 5FU portion of FOLFOX but the oxaliplatin is cumulative with respect to the neuropathy. I can't recall the amount off the top of my head, but there is a cmulative amount of oxaliplatin received after which almost everyone does experience some degree of neuropathy. For me, the sensitivity to cold eventually lasted longer and longer into the following 2 weeks. However, the cold sensitivity ends immediately when the chemo is stopped so that was only a very temporary issue.