Avastin side effects - 2+ protein in urine, severe flank pain

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To all avastin users. I went in for my 8th cycle of Folfiri and Avastin and almost didn't get the avastin. The cut off point is 2+ for protein in your urine which I had. We called my onc and he said to give it to me anyway as my urine protein had been negative up until now.

Last night I developed severe flank pain on both sides. The kind that get you into a fetal position and on to a multitude of positions you never knew you could get into. I ended up taking a tylenol codeine and fell asleep. This morning the pain is worse. Took another tylenol codeine and it hasn't touched it yet. I'm hoping that maybe these are just back spasms caused by sleeping in a strange position during chemo. I wouldn't be worried about my kidneys so much if I hadn't had the 2* protein result.

Yes, I do have a call into my onc. Who probably doesn't know what's going on.

Has anyone on this board had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Hi Susan,

    Hi Susan,
    I have been losing up to 3 grams of protein a day thru my kidneys. My nephrologist is of the opinnion that most of my kidney problems are long term effects of my cancer and subsequent treatment. This includes colonoscopies most of which were done with fleet prep. I have been ca free for nearly twelve years and have had at least twelve scopes in that time plus the original twelve mos of 5Fu and levamisole. They have no real idea of what is happening with my kidneys. First it was thinned filters in my kidneys ,then scarred filters. The condition has been treated with high doses of prednisone and now four blood pressure meds. The idea is to keep my bp below 120/80 to take the pressure off my kidneys.I have been dx with auto-immune poly arthrits and that is being treated with methotrexate. My protein loss should have dropped to around 1.5 to 2 grams a day with the treatment. It has dropped to 260mg , 150mg is normal. My neph now believes that all of my problems may be auto-immune. He thinks the methotrexate is suppressing my immune system and and stopping it attacking my kidneys. I suffer badly from neuropathy of the feet legs and left hand. He now believes that is also vasculitis from auto-immune arthritis attacking my veins.
    I would check my blood pressure if I were you and keep it as low as is considered safe. Ask to see a nephrologist,kidneys are too important to take lightly,they do not repair themselves. Good luck for a quick resolution ,Ron.
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    I Hope...
    ......It's not a blockage somewhere, that's for sure. Are you vomiting at all and have a fever? When I have blockages, the pain is excruciating and feels like you're in labor, with no drugs!! I was literally on the bathroom floor after I was vomiting, and the pain was so bad, I was screaming at times, it's horrible.

    I'd go get checked at the hospital girl, if it gets any worse, don't wait too long.