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What happens if you get the flu or some other illness in the middle of radiation treatments? Is it okay to interrupt them for a while? Swine flu is really taking over here with people being down and out for over a week and the flu vaccine isn't available yet. I am concerned as I will starting rads soon: I hardly ever get sick but Murphy's law tells me I WILL this time!



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    check with radiologist
    I'm sure others will agree ... that you'll need to check with your radiation oncologist to see how they want to handle things. I know sometimes they don't want to take a break in treatments unless it is absolutely necessary. During chemo I got pneumonia ... but the oncologist didn't want me to miss a treatment as long as I didn't have a temperature.

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    I would ask but I would
    I would ask but I would think you'd have to take a break so you would not spread it to the staff or other patients. They gave me a couple weeks break to heal when I got burnt too bad. If you have the flu you should be taking care of it anyway.