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I bought the probiotics products that you said were helping you. Haven't started using the superfood one yet. Want to see if this stops some of the frequency without having to take the lomotil everyday. Anyone else having good results from probiotics? Anyone else use enemas? Where do you get the supplies?


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    Hi Tiny!
    Which probiotics did you get? The best combination on the market is the sun is shining from It's expensive as hell, and tastes just as bad, but it is LOADED with superfoods and probiotics. David Wolfe is one of the most respected leaders of the natural diet movement, and he is certain that these are the most important things we can put in our bodies for optimal health. From what i've been reading about worldwide soil depletion, i'm tending to believe him. Even organic foods are dramatically lack in nutrients because of the soil. David Wolfe designed the sun is shining superfood concoction himself. If you look at it online, it probably lists everything that's in it. Then maybe you can find a similar one for less money. I'm lucky i have a couple of friends that work for the company and we barter and trade food with each other.

    I have to tell you, Tiny...i feel WONDERFUL! I'm euphoric, i am able to go to the bathroom with hardly any problems, and NO PAIN any more! I am attributing it to the sun is shining superfood because i just started it yesterday, and the day before that, i was constipated, and feeling icky again. Some of that may have been caused by stress since i just lost my medical insurance again, but the euphoria is something entirely new.

    The kefir probiotics will still probably help you. They really helped me, but i wanted to quit eating dairy, and that's why i switched.

    I haven't started doing the enemas yet. I'm planning on doing a colon cleanse with a fast first, and then do the coffee enema. I think you can get enema supplies at any CVS, Rite Aid, or maybe even Wal-Mart. We can ask Emily how to do the procedure correctly, and how much needs to go up in there.

    Please let me know if the probiotics work for you!