No mass in my lower abdomen as indiciated by CI scan performed at Corona Regional... Spent 7 hours

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It's me VickiSam .. I thought I was having a heart attack yesterday, rushed to local Community Hospital (in pain for over 4 hours, before deciding this was not normal) .. held captive for over 7 hours. EKG. Chest X-rays ...and CI scann performed - here I go again with the iodine .. At7:30 p.m. last night my hubby and I were told that I had a mass in my lower abdomen - as indicated by CI scan for upper chest (possible blood clod - no other explanation for my heart pain). I insisted on checking myself out .. cuz, I just went thru bone scan, MRI, CT scan on 9/11. I did not want to subject myself to anymore testing and I knew I had a 9:00 a.m. chemo and onc appointment today .. so I made my own judgement call - I was leaving against ER doctors instructions. I did have to sign a waiver that I could possibilty died last night - sweet, right. My hubby was angy and confused, wanted me to stay the night @ Corona. No, I'm going home with or without you ..Pete. After 20 years of marriage, my husband knows me well enough to sit back and watch me the train wreck ..getting my way .. I was hell bent on leaving.

Didn't sleep well, serious worried about my heart .. along with MASS on abdomen

Tuesday, a.m. arrived early .. Asked to see Onc - asap .. Asked for results of St Joe's testing. .. Onc PA and onc rn .. ran around calling gathering results from 9/11 St Joe's testing & Corona Regional 11:00 a.m. results are in:

NED .. bone scan
NED .. CT Scan
NED ..PEt SCan
NED .. MRI ..

Full lower abdomen physical performed .. NO MASS

I am so thankful for the findings .. and will make sure that if at any time I need to be seen at Emergency for anything assoicated with my bc .. I will make the hour plus trip down to Orange, Ca.

Hard lesson, learned.



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    wow What a night for you. So
    wow What a night for you. So glad it all turned out soooo very good. Its sad that we can not always trust Medical staff.
  • KathiM
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    Are you staying hydrated??????
    It COULD have been a bowel obstruction...they hurt like the dickens, and, for me, seem to occur when I don't stay hydrated. The GOOD news is that most of the time, they correct themselves, all on their own.

    I have had 9. Now, remember, I also had rectal cancer with surgery, rads, and chemo in the area...but....

    I find if I keep up with my hydration (read, things are MUCH constipation, or obstructions!

    Glad everything turned out ok...sorry you had such a bad experience...If I end up in ER, the first thing I ask for is Dilauded. The only time I was looked at funny was when I was in the ER for Hans...ROFL!!! THAT time, I didn't get it...but HE did...LMAO!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    So happy for you
    Ned on all tests! that is wonderful. I am so sorry about your horrific night. Did you find out where the pain was coming from?
    hugs, Jackie
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    What a relief!

    Am so glad things turned out okay for you. All those NED reading are reassuring. I have to say, a soap opera could not have topped your story! Take a deep breath and breathe. Girl, it's all behind you now.

    Hugs and best wishes being sent your way.

    Bella Luna
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    Vicki, Vicki, Vicki...
    What are we going to do with you?! My first thought was the Chemo. Are you on Herceptin? Did the Oncolgist say anything to you about it possibly being from the chemo? I could only imagine how terrifying that must of been for you. How odd they tell you about the mass then everything comes back clear. Hmm...?? I'm going to say extra prayers just for you tonight! Hope it helps!
    I'm(again)so sorry you have to go through all this.
    Try to get some sleep tonight, have Pete sing to you!
    Prayers & Hugz,
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    What a night, Vicki. You must feel drained emotionally and physically. Your courage and your wit in the middle of all that are amazing. There is a poem about keeping your head when others are losing theirs and blaming it on you...

    The plus side of all this is, of course, every test known to Western medicine has confirmed NED is with you. Which, I hope, will let you sleep well tonight!
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    Thank goodness you're okay!
    Now, that was a hell of a story. What was causing the pain? I guess it really doesn't matter because you're okay. I'm thinking about you.