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Well we started chemo again , we are trying an old chemo, Eribux, now we are just waiting for the rash so I hear, Jack is feeling ok, moving a little slow today, He tolerated the first treatment good, he had a little itchmess when he first started, so the had to slow it down some, If anyone can let know what to expect with drug, I would like to hear it, I am not feeling well my self today, got a bug or something, So Im trying to relax today in between, Jack is go amazing I know he is not feeling well and he is worried about how I am, I think I just overwhelm and ran myself down, my understanding with the drug, it takes a while to start working, and it might not actually shrink the tumor, but it will stop the tumors from spreading, And Jack tells me it is not the chemo that is bothering him it is his trachea, Friday we have an appointment so I hope they can fix it, I know he will be feeling better if they can fix it, they is alot of mucous with it, But he has a strong fighting spirt, so Im proud of him



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    Glad to hear Jack is
    Glad to hear Jack is finally able to get his chemo treatments, [ although we know its rough being on the stuff! ] hopefully it will stabilize or best yet shrink!! Also sounds like Jack is a bit better emotionally than he was a couple weeks ago, so many ups and downs with this disease.

    I'm sure you are extremely run down which makes you more subseptible to viruses, e.t.c..You've been through alot lately and you've probably just been running on Auto Pilot!

    Sorry, my husband wasn't able to try Erbitux, he has the Kras Mutation which renders Erbitux of no use. But throughout the site there seems to be very good results with this drug. I will be keeping you both in my thoughts that Erbitux will have a positive effect.

    Take Good Care, Trish "keep us posted"