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It's a great day. I feel like Dorothy tapping her red shoes together. To all the BC sisters who provided me support and all I know that are out there supporting others - THANK YOU!
It's 4 days out from surgery and the results from pathology are back. I feel like Rose must have felt on the bow of the Titanic as she "flew in the wind" - breathless and pure bliss. The cancer was stage 2A, localized to the tumor, nothing in the sentinel nodes, auxilliary tissue/nodes taken, and nothing in the right breast (I hadn't realized they would check it but am glad they did. I started crying in the Honolulu Airport and was worried I'd scare my daughter the other way.
Next is, what does this mean? I go back to Oahu next Monday to have the drains removed and I do have a consult with an Oncologist that was already set up by my breast surgeon. I'm not sure if he will be recommending chemo or not. The nurse at Doc office (doc and I played phone tag today while I was in airport security lines) indicated that my doc usually still recommends some chemo.
I'm not one who really wants chemicals in my body if I don't need them but also want to make sure I've done everything I can to beat the beast! I've already given it both breasts. At this point, while I'm ecstatic over the news, I don't want to assume anything.
Anyone out there with the same diagnosis who could tell me how things went for them and since "two heads are better than one" especially when they are bald and beautiful, any and all advice will be chewed on, mulled over and will help me with any decisions coming up. Thanks in advance to the sisterhood and the "Boyz of the hood" as well for any info. Lola


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    I am
    also stage 2A the rest of your report is important. It also plays a part in what your further treatment will be.. My tumor was er/pr+ her-. and was grade2 with no lymph node involment. the tumor was 2.3 at the biggest point.. all in all I have a very well behaved tumor.. I am still waiting to hear about chemo. I'm having an oncotype test done. What it does is test the genes of the tumor to determine if chemo would even be a benefit. the lower the score the better...So ask your Doc about this test. I too don't want to go thru chemo if it's not going to really benefit me.
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    Hi you guys!
    I'm not an oncologist,so I can't tell you what your onc is going to decide on,but I will tell you my experience and how my onc feels. I was stage 2A invasive ductal and I think my tumor was 2.7 cm.Because it was as big as it was,my onc wanted to give me chemo-4 times of A/C.But you really need to speak with your onc first and see what he has to say!
    So glad that your pathology report came back so good,Lola-and Calleen,keep us posted!
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    Keep that glowing feeling! I had IDC with NO lymph node involvement.......went from stage 1 to stage II during the lumpectomy due to the size of the tumor, 2.2 cm which is less than an inch. I finished my 4 rounds of chemo, Taxotere and Cytoxan 4 weeks ago......It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, no day at the beach, for sure, but not horrible either......I start radiation on Thursday........I would rather have the toxic chemicals in my body than cancer.......and do everything I can to avoid a possible recurrence.......
    Prayes and best wishes!