Met with radiologist today

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I met with my radiologist today and he told me I will be scheduled for at least 28 treatments (could be up to 33) and will start in about two weeks once I am healed.

I don't have full range of motion in my right arm and he was concerned that I had not seen a physical therapist after my surgery or given any exercises to work on when I was at home. It sounds like it is yet another ball that the nurse dropped when I was discharged from the hospital. I'm going to have to work at being able to get my right arm over my head before I have to lay on the radiation table. I've been so worried about keeping my incisions safe and not opening them up I have been too careful about how much I move. I guess I should have been doing more this whole time. Oh well.

Thanks to all of you who answered the questions I asked about radiation therapy. I felt much more informed going into my appointment today and could actually keep up with everything he was telling me.


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    Hi Wolfi
    I have been doing range of motion after my 2nd surgery in June, met with the occupational therapist for about 4 wks and finally am just getting to where I have almost full range of motion as well. I exercise daily and do yoga so its been a battle after bilateral mastectomy. I know what you mean about keeping the incisions safe. I worried about them too.

    Hang in there

    Linda T
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    I didn't have radiation but
    I didn't have radiation but I wish you luck with yours. I'm sure if you keep exercising your arm you will get your "range" back in time for the rads. Hope it all goes well.

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    Ask your breast surgeon
    You should talk to your breast surgeon and oncologist about when radiation should start. Usually breast surgeon gives a timeline for physical therapy exercises and cancer treatments. Your stitches needs healing about 4 weeks after the surgery, especially if your lymph nodes were removed.
    Do not worry and good luck.
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    I didn't have radiation but
    I didn't have radiation but I wish you luck with yours. I'm sure if you keep exercising your arm you will get your "range" back in time for the rads. Hope it all goes well.


    met with radiologist today
    Hi Wolfi, Range of motion excercises are important, it's good you have the time before your radiation starts to work on this. Good luck. I asked my surgeon about bowling, because that is something my husband and I enjoy together, and she told me anything you normally do and feel up to is ok after the drain tube was out, I only had lumpectomey and 4 nodes removed though, but I was back to doing the things I used to do within 2 weeks of surgery.

    I met my Radiation doctor today too, the boards here have helped me alot, (I would not have set foot inside the radiology Clinic if it had not been for these boards and the great people that take the time to write about treatments.)
    I had a list of questions, alas my list was on the dining table at home, just like the grocery list is when I am at the store. Luckily everything on my list was covered during the consultaion, and I will have 35 treatments, have the simulation on Thursday and start Monday the 21st. Unlike some, I was told to start using pure aloe right away, I am fair-skinned, redheaded with freckles, have dry, dry skin (thyroid disease). I can use it all day and all night just be sure to not apply any 2 hours prior to radiation treatment, I asked if I could use the aloe after shower in the am, and doc said yes, as long as it was applied 2 hrs before treatment.
    I wish you the best in your radiation treatment, looks like I may start a week sooner than you, but we will finish about the same time. I will keep a look-out for your posts.
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    I had the same thing happen
    I had the same thing happen after my double mastectomy. I was never given any range of motion exercises. till about 3 weeks after surgery. Start now, You should be good. I have full range of motion on my arms.. had 8 lymph nodes removed on right side.. I start radiation tomorrow... good luck to you...