(almost) 5 year survivor of cervical cancer

I was stage 1B, had chemo, external and internal radiation. Two years ago I had a radical hysterectomy. I have had persistent bowel problems due to scaring on the large intestine and colon. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you deal with it. This situation creates problems all the time. I never know when my bowels will act up and how severe it will be. I will have on an average day 10 to 20 bowel movements or more. Needless to say this creates worries when I am away from home!


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    It's wonderful to hear

    It's wonderful to hear from a fellow survivor, but sad to hear about continuing difficulties related to treatments. I, alas, cannot help with your current situation as my difficulties go the exact opposite way (recurrent impaction). Have you spoken with your doc about what you can do? You would think that one of them might have something up their sleeve that might work.
    Did you have your radical before or after treatment? I was on the table when they found out a radical was not an option...closed me back up after taking a bunch of lymph nodes. I went on to have chemo, internal & external radiation. They say that a radical is no longer an option for me...the treatments have made surgery too difficult.
    I hope someone posts that can help you with your current dilema!
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    Hello JJ
    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on May 2008. After surgery,chemo and radiation I'm now in remission. I started to have problems with my bowels around Dec.08 I always had that urge to go and felt very bloated. I asked my doctor about my problem and he said that was a side effect from radiation, it destroyed the linning of my colon, but it would get better with time. Well I'm lucky it has gotten better. You need to talk to your doctor, hopefully there is something they can do for you. Have you changed your diet? maybe eating certain foods can ease the urge to go. I know I had to slow down with spicy foods. Are you having a problem with your weight? I can't believe you are still having problems 5 years later and doctors can't help you. Good luck..
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    Oh goodness.  It's a relief to read all your comments about bowels.  It makes me feel better.  I wear large pads everywhere I go.....take anti-diahrrea pills often....watch what I eat.  Every plan of every day has to be planned around my BOTTOM!   If it's not a BM,  its bleeding.  Beats dying, of course, but I sure never knew I'd be THAT old lady, obsessed her potty habits.