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Ok, I don't know if you ladies remember me saying I had to have biopsies on what they thought were enlarged lymph nodes on my left side "axilliary area of left breast" I had the lumpectomy on my right breast and sentinel node was clear also. Well, I actually got to talk to my Oncology Surgeon today. He said what was biopsied wasn't lymph nodes! He really wasn't sure what kind of tumors they were. He said possibly a melenoma, maybe a neurofibroma, I told him my dog(a Border collie) had a melenoma tumor removed when she was 2 yrs old. BTW, she went on to live to be 15(actually we had to put her down) she had pain in her hips and loss of bowel and bladder control. So, he said, he didn't think they were cancer, but wanted them out because they had some strange cells! So, here I am wondering yet AGAIN! I know I need the hernia operation, and I told him it did occasionally bother me when the (nonobstructed loop) in it gets (you know what) stuck on ther way through! LOL! So, he said now maybe we need to get this taken care of before I would have Radiation! SHEESH! So, I'm supposed to get a call from the General Surgeon who would do the hernia and the tumor removal, possibly co-ordinating it at the same time. So, here I am waiting to know what is going to be happening. My oncology surgeon said he would try to find out what is going with my oncotype dx also.


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    let us know how things go when you can!!
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    I'll keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted!! Hugs, Diane
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    Hi Lanie
    What a ride you have been on!! Sorry you have to go thru so much stuff. Sometimes it doesnt seem to end does it?

    Please try to stay positive. I always worry about stuff too but its best to know exactly what you are dealing with and take care of all the things you can before you start chemo and radiation.

    Keep the faith!

    Linda T
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    Good grief!! If it's not a
    Good grief!! If it's not a hernia it'a a melanoma or a neurofibroma. Sounds like you have your plate full right now. I'll bet you can't wait to have all this over with. I hope you find out soon and it all goes well. I know waiting is the pits. My best to you...