Anyone have a re-occurance of BC beyond your breast?

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Two years post surgeries, Stage 2, 8 rounds Chemo, 33 Rads, lumpectomy, and seperate lymph node removal surgery with 3 positive nodes.
I found a mass/lump under my lymph node scar last week. It is two inches to the right of my original lump but not in the breast tissue. Has anyone heard of this? I head to the Onc. Wednesday for a mammo and unltra sound. Not looking forward to going back there.


  • VickiSam
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    Terrina .. Not me .. but someone here on the boards will
    be able to provide information for you.

    Good Luck and my prayers are with you.

  • cheyennedawn
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    A lady from church
    I'm still new to this, I was dx in August. But, a lady from our church is on our prayer list, she had bc 14 yrs ago, and last month, they found that it had spread to her lungs and liver, and other spots as well. Sorry that I can't help with your question..I will keep you in my prayers.

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    I am sorry about that.Let us know how things go! We are behind you all of the way!