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Hi to all brave ec survivors!
All of your stories are overwhelming.
My 60 yr old husband, Ben, was diagnosed with esophageal adenocarcinoma at the junction
T3 N1 in April. He had 5 1/2 weeks, 5 days of radiation and 4 one day Chemo of cisplatin &
irinotecan that he finished in June. It was successful and he rested up for August 20th surgical resection done at UW Madison Hospital in WI by gifted goddess surgeon Tracey Weigel.
She did laparoscopic, 5 small incisions, and opened up under his right arm for lymph nodes. She only took the lower half of his esophagus.
He was released from the hospital on the seventh day. Since we live five hours north, we stayed at a hotel in Madison for post op stuff until September 8th. He did amazingly well! Walking the next day, drinking juice the third! The day we left, Dr. Weigel told us
she biopsied sixteen lymph nodes and five had tumors. That means the chemo he had didn't kill all of the cancer. Her oncology is recommending 2-4 folfox cycles. We haven't met with Ben's oncologist yet in Green bay.
I'm looking for similar survivors with successful chemo after & what that was.

You are all in my prayers & KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!

Feel free to email me.



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    Husband is an EC survivor also
    Hello Kathy,

    My husband of 45 years old was diagnosed in april on april fools day. He had pre chemo of 3 months and extensive surgery on July 23, He had 12 lymph nodes removed half his stomach to form a new esophogus and was stage 2 of adneocarcinoma. When we went to the onocologist he said that there was no cancer anywhere per the pathology report. We do not have to have chemo afterwards but we are now seeing a radiation doctor to see if we have to have radiation. We have another pet scan scheduled on 10-1-09, to make sure there is nothing there. If you have any questions I will try to help.

    Welsome to our site, there is many of us fighting on this site. I am off to work so I will reply more later.

    Take Care
    Lori aka MOE