Managing side effects

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My husband has just begun a new treatment regimen for metastatic esophageal cancer. His therapy is a combination of Erbitux and Camptosar. Has anyone had experience with these medications? I am interested in effective ways to handle possible side effects - especially the acneform rash. Thank you very much.


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    Side Effects
    I am currently on campostar (irinotecan, cpt 11, whatever other names there are for it, ha), and can't really say what I had for side effects as I am dealing with a colon blockage as well at this point in time. I do know I had a good bought of diahrreah with it, but immodium came in handy. I would stay stomach cramping, because I had awful stomach cramps, but those were most likely due to the blockage as well as I had emergency surgery for it on Monday night. I've never been on Erbitux, so can't help you there. I wish you the best!